Friends of Thai Daughters is a mission-driven non-profit dedicated to protecting, educating and empowering girls and young women at-risk for human trafficking in Northern Thailand. 


Just $5.00 a month


Human trafficking currently generates 150 billion dollars a year in profits through labor and sexual exploitation. Together, we can help stop this global crisis. By donating $5.00 a month to Friends of Thai Daughters, we can use the power of community and education to protect these young girls from human trafficking through a safe home, a heavy focus on education and a loving family. Your money provides necessary continual support to Friends of Thai Daughters - providing a family environment, education through graduation, tutoring and social activities. 


How are we involved?

As a global company, with roots in Asia, and a focus on the hotel and food industries, Kodakit has become highly aware of the issue of human trafficking that is plaguing the world. Kodakit believes that together, we can impact the world, and that it is our responsibility to protect and empower the vulnerable in the regions that we work. We are committed to fighting human trafficking through our support of Friends of Thai Daughters, a program that prevents child trafficking through community engagement, education and the creation of family. We ask you to donate $5 a month, for the next year, to protect and educate these amazing daughters as they grow into strong, educated, world-changing women.


About Friends of Thai Daughters

Friends of Thai Daughters is a nonprofit helping to protect girls and young women in Northern Thailand from child trafficking by providing safe shelter, education and family-oriented support. FTD’s mission is to provide intensive, comprehensive, long-term support to young Thai girls at risk of falling into human trafficking. Northern Thailand is particularly at risk for human trafficking as traffickers’ target hill tribe villages, home to undocumented ethnic minorities as well as Burmese and Lao migrant workers. Traffickers often assure families that their daughters will be given jobs as waitresses or maids but they’re instead sold into brothels. Founded in 2005, FTD protects these girls by providing shelter and education in a stable, supportive environment. Many are attending or have graduated from Thailand’s top universities, and graduates have gone on to become nurses, teachers, artists and entrepreneurs.


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Your $5/month recurring donation will support the fight against human trafficking by financially making it possible for Friends of Thai Daughters to provide a safe home, a quality education and love to vulnerable girls in Northern Thailand.



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Family. That’s how one young woman describes her relationship with the non-profit which rescued her from a life of hardship and abuse in Thailand.

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